Welcome To Gifty Code!


To achieve a distinguished and fast service for our valued customers, we put the security at the top of our priorities. The store uses an instant approval system to open the accounts, verify them and send gift cards to the customers. In order to get the best purchasing experience from our store, the following documents must be available at the first payment:


1-   Physical identity card


All you have to do is to add balance to your account or place an order using the appropriate payment method. You will be directed to the verification link for your account. shuftipro handles the verification. Choose your preferred language and follow ShuftiPro’s instructions for a successful verification process in minutes.


Successful Verification


1-   A national ID card, passport, or driver’s license can be used.

2-   The account is verified using the original document only, and the ownership of the documents is verified by taking a live personal picture of the customer during the verification.

3-   After successful verification, the order is completed immediately , and other orders are completed immediately without the need to be re-verified.


We accept payments with all types of payment cards as long as they belong to the registered customer. We may ask to verify the card used for any order. 


Verification Refusal


1-   ShuftiPro will display the reason for refusal during the verification process. Just click on the “Retry” button and continue the verification process.

2-   The validity period of the verification link is 24 hours. If the required documents are not available, you can continue the verification process at a later time.

3-   In case of a complete refusal of the verification process, a new verification link will be issued on the order page so that the customer can try again.

4-   In case the verification process is wholly refused again, you must contact us through live chat or email to assist you in the account verification process.


Order Cancellation


The order is automatically canceled in the following cases:

1-   Refusing all verification attempts without receiving a call from the client within 24 hours.

2-   The client has ignored the verification process for 24 hours.


The total amount of the order is refunded to the same payment method used. The customer receives the email, including the reference number of the refund transaction, within three working days from the time of canceling the order. The customer can use the reference number to follow up on the refund process with the financial institution that issued the card. The refund process may take from 3 to 15 working days.


We appreciate your support and cooperation in making our store secure from fraud.